Servicing all Norton

Singles and Twins.

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Classic Road & Race Motorcycles



Build Norton engines for classic road and race bikes.

Performance Engine Building is our specialty!

I also use and recommend

JS Motorsport


Jim produces high quality
engine improvement and performance parts.


Our goal is to keep your  bike on the road and let you enjoy the ride.




Rockers Lightened and polished service available 

site still under construction

One of our finnished engine rebuilds.

750cc Combat engine.

PW3 Camshaft

C.N.W. breather mod

Lighten and balance Crankshaft

Polished Con Rods

Lightened and polished rockers

Ports and intakes opened to take Dual Keihin flat slide carburetor  35mm

Black Diamond valves

High Performance Valve Spings with light weight retainers

Light weight rocker adjusters and dural nuts

Stainless Steel bolts studs and nuts through out

Custom built to owners requests with attention to detail